Hassle-Free Vision Insurance

Hassle-Free Vision Insurance
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  • 8/1/2024

Every Day Effective Times

No Waiting Periods

Annual Eye Exam Coverage

Low-Cost Options & Savings

Great Selection & Frame Allowance

Great Selection & Frame Allowance

Affordable vision insurance plans that take you further

You’ll love the value you receive with these Direct Vision insurance plans. With low-cost premiums (monthly charge), no waiting periods and a robust allowance on frames and lenses, your vision insurance solution has arrived! Taking it to the next-level, enjoy no age restrictions, a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and flexible plan designs. It’s never been easier to purchase vision insurance! Trust Direct Vision Insurance to satisfy your vision needs.

With a Direct Vision Insurance plan:

No waiting periods
Yearly eye exams covered 100%
Low monthly cost
Choice between EyeMed and VSP vision network plans
Great selection with $150 frame allowance
Prescription sunglasses covered
Lasik discounts included


Savings on Vision Care with Convenience

The value of Direct Vision Insurance powers on with robust frames and contact allowances of $150. Thinking of Lasik? There are discounts for that. Prescription sunglasses? There are discounts for that too. And with two of the top vision networks to choose from in EyeMed and VSP, we put choice front and center so you can enjoy the convenience of visiting the eye doctor you want to see. By choosing an in-network vision provider, your dollar goes further.  

Healthy eyes are a healthy you

Each vision care plan offers an annual eye exam covered at 100%. This ensures you get in to see your eye doctor and keep your eyes and your overall health in tip-top shape. Whether you’re going in because you’ve lost eyesight, have cloudy or blurred vision, or you’re seeing spots, regular eye checkups protect you from lingering issues that could become worse as time passes.