Why Vision Insurance?
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  • 8/1/2024

You'll like what you see with Direct Vision

Vision insurance keeps you healthy and provides savings to get you what you need and what you want.

Healthy eyes begin with a visit to the eye doctor 

Eye health begins with seeing an eye doctor on a regular basis. These professionals have special tools and instruments that can look at the interior structures of your eyes, such as your retinas, to be sure everything is healthy. These exams can also spot eye problems in their earliest stages so you can treat them right away. 

Value & Savings  

These flexible plan designs remain affordable even with $150 frame and contact allowances, discounts on lens enhancements and discounts on Lasik. Compare these benefits with the rest and you’ll see clearly the value of Direct Vision.  

The power of choice

With two of the top networks in VSP and EyeMed, you can easily choose a provider located close to you. When visiting an in-network provider, you maximize your benefits greater. When an out-of-network provider is utilized, Direct Vision still offers coverage through a maximum allowance you’ll pay.